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The International Guild of Town Pipers is a registered charity which exists to advance the education for the public benefit in early music and historically informed performances in particular but not exclusively in the music of Medieval and Renaissance Town Waits.

"Of all musical sounds that from day to day smote the ears of a sixteenth-century town resident, the deafening skirl of the shawm band in palace courtyard or market square must have been the most familiar"

Anthony Baines

Help this songbook sing again...

Composer Martin Peerson (c1572-1651) was successful, individual, and way ahead of his time. But today his gorgeous songbook "Mottects or Grave Chamber Musique" (1630) is essentially unknown.
Until now.

International star performers - I Fagiolini (voices), Fretwork (viols) and James Johnstone (chamber organ) - are booked to record a CD of all 25 songs.

The Peerson Project is seeking the final funds needed to ensure the CD's production. To this end, and to increase awareness of this rich source of 17th century music, we have set up a crowd funding campaign. It's a safe, quick and fun way to support a worthwhile project. For information on the songbook please visit their Kickstarter page : it's
▶   a very brief video;
▶   why the songbook is so special;
▶   a list of 'rewards' for donations (from just £3 and no money changes hands unless we reach our target by 24th Feb 2016)

Do please share this message with music-loving friends, and anyone who feels strongly about protecting our cultural roots. Join in bringing this wonderful music back to life! See I Fagiolini's Facebook page for a sound clip from the first rehearsal in 400 years!

Tickets for the concert at Leeds University on Saturday 20 February 2016 (7.30 pm) are selling well, so if you are coming, book your places soon! – at Leeds University's 'What's-On' page.

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