Waites' Cognizances of Leicester

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Leicester cognizance
Wait's Badge and Chain

Leicester obverse.

Wait's Badge obverse

Leicester reverse.jpg

Wait's Badge reverse

Leicester Scutcheon

Leicester Wait's Badge

Hallmarked for London 1695, with maker’s mark HO over 3 mallets in a shield
Leicester, Leicestershire, England

The badge is embossed with the borough arms of a cinquefoil (five-petalled flower) with ermine or fur tails and the words BURGUS LEICESTRIAE. Waits were trained musicians who served an apprenticeship. Each town had its own distinctive livery. Originally the waits played wind instruments, but later strings were also played and many waits could play more than one instrument.
Height: 155 mm; Width: 125 mm; Depth: 20 mm (max)
Leicester City Museums L.D15.

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