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The 8th International Festival of Town Pipers
King's Lynn (UK), 18th-20th May 2018

The Eighth Festival of the International Guild of Town Pipers.

King's Lynn

The 8th Biennial Festival of the International Guild of Town Pipers will take place in King's Lynn on 18th-20th May 2018. If you've not been to King's Lynn before then you're in for a pleasant surprise - the town has a rich cultural history and many of its medieval buildings survive. In the 14th century King's Lynn was considered one of England's most important ports, in part due to its membership of the Hanseatic League - a trading partnership which spanned Europe from the Baltic to the Netherlands. King's Lynn is now a member of the Modern Hanseatic League and our festival will be held in partnership with Lynn's annual Hansa weekend, which usually includes a Medieval Traders Market, modern music performances and fireworks over the river.

The draft timetable for our event begins with a welcome reception on the evening of Friday 18th May, which we hope to hold at the Town Hall. Saturday's daytime schedule will see bands performing 20-30 minute sets at key venues around the town center, including St Nicholas' Chapel (renowned for its fine acoustics), with a social dinner with time for music and dance in the evening. On Sunday we hope to return to St Nicholas' Chapel for the "Great Noyse", where each band can perform one processional and one stationary piece before the massed bands perform together. We then plan a folk-club style afternoon session at a cafe for the Sunday afternoon.

One new feature that we would like to consider is a scratch band of individual attendees. This might involve arriving early, either on the Thursday evening or daytime on the Friday for a rehearsal of music which will be organised and sent out in advance. The scratch band could then perform at the festival alongside the member bands. Please let us know asap if you think you might be interested in this option.

For more information on Lynn's substantial records of Waits payments etc. see www.townwaits.org.uk/history_lynn_001.shtml

King's Lynn Hanse House King's Lynn Custom House

Newsletter 2 Aug 2017

We are pleased to be able to formally invite you to take part in the 8th International Festival of Town Pipers in King's Lynn on 18th-20th May 2018.

Accommodation will be left to individuals to chose and book but we hope to negotiate a discount for participants at a hotel in the town centre.

For the time being we are looking for a simple expression of interest from each band - please let us know as soon as you can whether your band will be able to take part and roughly how many people you expect to bring.

The Custom House The Duke's Head Hotel on Tuesday  Market Place St George's guildhall - now the  King's Lynn Arts Centre Marriot's Warehouse, now a cafe, with the Minster behind St Nicholas' Chapel The Town Hall Waterfront

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Photographs courtesy of Jayne Gutteridge.


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