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The International Guild of Town Pipers is now a registered charity, and we are constantly in need of funds, not only to finance our International Festivals, but to finance Renaissance Loud Wind workshops and other educational ventures, help new bands get started, and to maintain and expand this website.

Just to say that I have joined Easysearch and hope that others will do so too. Once one starts exploring, it quickly becomes clear that buying all sorts of things is not only cheaper this way but benefits the Guild as well. One soon gets into the habit of doing things this way rather than another.
Richard Rastall

If you do nothing else, please consider making your homepage.

Every time you make a search, the guild will receive a donation, with no cost or inconvenience whatsoever to yourself.


Search the Web and Raise Funds

When you search the Web with easysearch, you’ll raise funds for us with every search you make. Just like easyfundraising it’s completely free to use and if you make just 10 searches a day, you could raise £20-£25 a year - or more - for us, just by switching to easysearch.

What's more, easysearch is a 'super' search engine that combines the strengths of several search providers together - Yahoo!, MSN Live Search, and many more. easysearch tracks down the most relevant and accurate results from across the Web, which means you'll find what you’re looking for quickly and easily every time - all in one ‘easy’ search.

Check out our unique easysearch page at and use it every time you search the Web.

You can also raise funds when you shop online!

If you buy online, the chances are that your favourite online shop is signed up to, so with a simple log-in process, you can get the guild sizeable donations from the companies you buy from, sometimes with discounts for yourself.

easyfundraising is a shopping directory listing some of your favourite online stores including Amazon, NEXT, Debenhams, John Lewis, Toys R Us, HMV and over 500 others. Just use the links on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online and, at no extra cost to you, we'll receive a free donation of up to 15% from every purchase you make.
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Shop Online and Raise Funds

It really is that simple!

It's completely FREE to register and you won't pay a penny more for your shopping when you use the easyfundraising site. In fact you can even SAVE MONEY as many retailers offer discounts, special offers and even 'e-vouchers' exclusive to easyfundraising.

If you shop online anyway then why not raise valuable extra funds for us by using this scheme. All you need to do is visit and when you register, select International Guild of Town Pipers as the organisation you wish to support.

If you wish to donate money directly to the International Guild of Town Pipers, please send your donation to:

  • Roger Offord
  • 2 Ledbury Gardens
  • Cusworth
  • Doncaster
  • DN5 8LS

If you are a UK Taxpayer makign a donation to the International Guild of Town Pipers, please complete the following Gift Aid declaration form, and enclose it with your donation.

Thank you.