History of Lynn Waites

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History of the Waites (& other musicians) of Lynn

1700 -

Sources 1095-1399 1400-1499 1500-1599 1600-1699 1700- King's Lynn Waites today

1703 Floods PR

1709 Edmund Roe, musitian, received his freedom gratis TY

1713 Floods PR

1714 Floods PR
Andrew George Lemon came to Lynn from Brunswick with his cousin, the artist, Lewis (Louis) Hubner (born Berlin 1696) & became a Customs Officer at the Custom House. TY

1717 Fire PR

1721 Sep 29. Charles Whaits died, aged 73. Stone in the South Aisle of St Nicholas' Chapel with coat of arms. Argent, a Cheveron between three Bugle-Horns Sable. (Mackerell, history of Lynn 1738) CG

1724 James Townhend, organist, St Margaret's, died TY

1727 29 September being the Feast of St. Michael The archangel it is ordered that the drummers who attend Mr. Mayor on days of rejoicing be paid for at the charge of The Mayor and Burgesses. DJ

1728 It was ordered that the salaries of the two vacant places in the Town Waites be granted to William Ashburnham musician, the vacancy of the same in consideration of his having supplied the places for musicians for that time. DJ

1730 21st October Gabriel Barlow, organist at St Margaret's, made freeman TY

1734 Andrew George Lemon, musitian, received his freedom gratis (but see 1735-1736 below.) TY

1735 (Tuesday, 3rd February) R. Lemon Ordered that Richard Lemon have a place in Mr Framingham's hospital in William Walters' room. Agreed that Andrew George Lemon Musician have the ffreedom of this Burgh gratis. CG

1735-1736 Andrew George Lemon, one of the Town Waites granted freedom. Cal

1741 Wind damage PR

1744 Gabriel Barlow, organist at St Margaret's, died. John Barlow appointed organist at St Margaret's TY
(29 September) Ordered that the Chamberlain provide Cloaks for the Town Whaits of usual Colour Trimming and Value to be used in the service of this Corporation only. 40s a year bestowed on George William Lemon, poor scholar of Lynn Grammar School to attend Queens College Cambridge for 7 years. CG

1746 Common Charge to Midsummer 1746 Geo Lemmon for Musick 1-5 CG
Annual Fees Salaries & Stipends 1746 Geo Lemmon one of the Town Whaits £5 pr Ann. paid half a year due Mich. 1746 £2-10 & as a gratuity at being Discharged £2-10s-0d CG
(31 July) Resolved that the Company of Whaites in the present service of this Corporation be and stand dismissed and discharged from Michaelmas next and the Chamberlain is ordered to pay them their wages together with a gratuity of fifty shillings a piece upon their delivering up their Badges and Chaines to him. DP
(28 December) The five badges and chaines belonging to the late company of Whaites in the service of this Corporation were deposited in the Treasury. DP

1750 (4 Feb) Musick and Drums to attend the Solemnity of proclaiming the Mart Ordered that there be Musick and Drums attend the Solemnity of proclaiming the Mart to day at the charge of the Corporation not exceeding five shillings apiece to the Musicians and two shillings and sixpence apiece to the Drums. CG
Dr Charles Burney tempted to Lynn by a special subscription to provide him with a salary as organist of St Margaret's Church, and with the promise of 'the most respectable pupils' from all 'the best families in the Town and neighbourhood'. PR
Described by Dr Johnson as 'that clever dog Burney'. CG
'The company was always small, as were the apartments in which it was received, but always select.... The performances were promiscuous and simply such as suited the varying humours and desires of the company, a part of which were always assistants as well as auditors.' (description of her father's musical evenings at King's Lynn by Fanny Burney. CG

1751 25th April John Barlow, organist at St Margaret's, buried. C Burney appointed organist at St Margaret's TY

1756 12th February Andrew George Lemon, Musicion, buried at St Nicholas Chapel (Burial records of St Nicholas' Chapel). (widow, Elizabeth). TY

1760 Peter Helendaale appointed organist at St Margaret's TY

1763 Richard Harris appointed organist at St Margaret's TY

1766 Assembly rooms built. PR

1779 Wind damage PR

1796 Richard Sly appointed organist at St Margaret's TY

1801 KL/C41/24 Chamberlain's voucher No. 1 The Mart 1801 Febr: 14th Recd of the Mayor & Burgess of Lynn One Pound & five shillings for myself and four Others Attending with a band of music Proclaiming the Mart �1:5:- Jas Watson CJ
voucher No. 2 Rec: 14th Feb: 1801 of the Mayor and Burgess of Lynn five shillings for Attending with two Drums Proclaiming the Mart £-5:- Soln Jeuson. CJ

1802 May Proclamation of peace and disbanding of Lynn Loyal Volanteers, 'the band striking up "Rule Britannia" (Lynn Packet May 11. 1802). DJ

1804 KL/C41/10 Chamberlains Cash Book from Michs, 1803
Feb 15 James Wattson for himself & 5 others Attending with a band of music Proclaiming the Mart 1 10-
18 Nichl: Redy Attending with two Drums Proclaiming the Mart -5-
June 2 Jno Moore & 5 Others for a band of Music the King's Birth Day 1.10
August 30 Michl Palmer Attending with two Drums Do -5- Jn o Moores Music 29 Aug: s 1804* for himself & 5 others 1-10
* The election of the council was held on August 29th, the councillors taking office on 29th September. Susan Maddock, Archivist. (the Do refers to a previous entry for the same occasion for the firing of guns)
Sept 29 James Watson for him Self and 5 Others Attending with a band of music Michl Day 6 6- Nic: Ready Attending with two Drums -5-
Oct 2 Cridl: Palmer fo Attending with a base Drum on Mich l Day 1804 -5 CJ

1805 Phillip Taylor of Huntingdon appointed organist at St Margaret's TY

1814 July. Grand festival held for 6,000 people in Tuesday Market Place to mark the return of peace, with dinners, music, fireworks etc. PR
1816 Floods PR
1823 William Hitchcock of St James' Street appointed organist of St Margaret's TY

1828 Josiah Ferdinand Reddie of Boston appointed organist of St Margaret's TY

1831 KL/C41/33 Chamberlain's voucher No. 1 The Mart 1831 To M. Spencer Junior. Feb: 14 To the Services of a Band 3-10 Received the above M Spencer Junior CJ

1832 First visit and inspection by the commissioners of the corporations act. No reference to Waites, so presumably must have already ceased. (Report of findings in King's Lynn Central Library). CG

1835 9th September. 'An Act to provide for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations in England and Wales.' CG

1852 Fri. 29 October "Mr Reddie's First Grand Concert at the Lynn Theatre" (poster Lynn Museum) This is Josiah H Reddie, cornet player, presumably the son of Josiah F Reddie, organist (see 1828 above). DJ

1854-1866 Lynn Working Men's Saxhorn Band, of which Josiah H Reddie was a founder member, flourished. DJ

1858 Memories of Lynn by William Armes (1804-72) First read 1858; re-published Lynn News 1872:
At the time I am writing of, immediately preceding the passing of the Municipal Reform Bill, the corporation of King's Lynn were a right royal body. They comprehended the mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, Common Councilmen, Town Clerk, Town Chamberlain, Town Crier, Mayor's Beadle, Governor's Beadle, four Sergeants at Mace, Town Gaoler, Water Bailiff, Town or Corporation Band, and on state occasions 12 Javelin men, being the Mart guardians of whom we have spoken. All these wore large three-cornered hats and cloaks, more or less fine and expensive, from the scarlet robes of the Mayor and aldermen, down to the less costly but scarcely less fine cloaks of the venerable Javelin men from the almshouses.

1859-1939 Band of King's Lynn Rifle Volunteers (The Volunteer Corps had its title changed once or twice; in the early 20th century it became the 5th (TA) Battalion, Norfolk Regiment. The band was disbanded at the outbreak of the Second World War). DJ

1860s The Highgate Band, Lynn (a brass quintet, plus bass drum). DJ

1878-1879 Photograph of Thomas J Seppings, Mayor, wearing chain made from three of the Waits' chains. DP (According to Hillen, prior to 1872 the Mayor seldom wore the chain in public.)

1880's-1908 King's Lynn Police Band DJ

1894 - King's Lynn Town Band DJ

1890's-1920's Surrey Street Mission Band (later, King's Lynn Imperial Silver Band) DJ

1898 (14th September) The Mayor stated that he had had the silver Waits Chains belonging to the Corporation which were said to be charming examples of English work of about the year 1550 and consisted of Dragon head links with a suspending Shield of the Town Arms made into one chain which he suggested should in future be worn by the Ex-Mayor. And it is agreed that same be approved of. (This chain was subsequently worn by the Deputy Mayor.) DP

1900?-1930s St Margaret's with St Nicholas' Church Lads Brigade Corps of Drums (drums & bugles) DJ

1920s Comrades Of The Great War Band/ Gaywood British Legion Band. DJ

1940s King's Lynn Air Training Corps (drums & bugles) DJ

1950s-? King's Lynn Sea Cadet Corps (drums & bugles) DJ

1950s?-1960s St John's Ambulance Brigade Band, King's Lynn. DJ

1960s- Springwood High School Band DJ
1999 April. King's Lynn Waites re-formed. CG

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