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Medieval Shirt: Lynda Badger of Artorus Emporium

Reviewed by Al Garrod: 8 January 2014

I recently bought a linen shirt from Lynda. It was made-to-measure (rather than "off-the-peg") and fits beautifully. All visible stitching was done by hand. It was good value for money and I thoroughly recommend her workmanship. More information here.

Al Garrod

Medieval Hat: Mike the Hat

Reviewed by Al Garrod: 29 March 2013

My green medieval hat was make by Mike Hamilton-Macy (one of the Colchester Waites). Mike forms his felt hats over handmade wooden moulds. The range of colours and styles give you a wide choice. The hat I bought is a dark green colour and happily has held its shape and colour without running, despite frequent exposure to rain. More information here.

Al Garrod

Pewter Buttons: Nick Jones: Button Emporium

Recommended by Alan Radford: 20 June 2015

Nick Jones supplies excellent repro buttons copied from 15th to 18th century originals at prices ranging from £2.20 to £2.80 for ten (prices correct on 20 June 2015). More information here.

Alan Radford