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Index of Traders - Introduction

Sourcing instruments, clothing and equipment for waites, is a task which has caused many a good man a headache, and it is all too easy to make mistakes or create anachronisms. Do not worry, help is at hand. The traders in this section are all people who modern waites have purchased from, and been happy with their goods. This is a place to share good experiences and personal recommendations and as more reviews are added, it is hoped that this will become a directory of trusted sources of equipment any visitors to this site. For legal reasons, we must emphasize that the International Guild of Town Pipers, its Directors, Members and writers of any reviews we publish, cannot be held responsible for any experience you may have with traders, whether those experiences be good or bad, and that you must decide upon the purchase of instruments, clothing and equipment based upon the widest possible information available, and not solely on information provided on this website. That said, the writers of each review we include have been so pleased with each item/trader that they have volunteered to share their experiences here.

Musical Instruments

Natural Trumpet: Norwich Natural Trumpets


Shirt: Lynda Badger
Medieval Hat: Mike the Hat
Pewter Buttons: Button Emporium


Leather Belt: Steven "Stitch" Pole
Spectacles: Period Glasses