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Natural Trumpet: Norwich Natural Trumpets

Reviewed by Chris Gutteridge: 4 February 2013

I have purchased a natural trumpet from Barlow & Martin of Norwich Natural Trumpets. Mine was £750 , because I opted not to have finger holes. I have a D crook and a C crook, but also a short length of pipe which will convert them to Db and Cb. Also, a converter to take a modern mouthpiece if desired. This is, I believe, their standard set-up, and other crooks can be supplied if required. The trumpets are made traditionally, with no soldered joints.
I believe a yard with finger holes is an additional £50, making the whole set-up very reasonable. No mouthpiece is supplied, but they let me try several so I had some idea what would suit, and advised on where to get them. They also brought trumpets to my house so I could play trios with them before buying, and have invited me to play trios with them again whenever I like!
Things I particularly liked: Excellent workmanship, very reasonable price, some carefully researched innovative ideas, and excellent after-sales service. The instrument is handsome without being flashy, with silver plated garnishes on the ferrules, pommel and garland and has an excellent, bright tone.

Chris Gutteridge