Workshops / workshops / 16 September 2012

Renaissance Big Band

16th September 2012

Directed by Tim Bayley of York Waits at the invitation of the North East Early Music Forum (NEEMF)

Venue:   Priory Street Centre, York, YO1 6ET (Main Hall).

Tim Bayley


Tim Bayley of the York Waits will lead a workshop on music from the earlier part of the sixteenth century, from German chorales, Italian carnival music, French dances and Flemish polyphony to music from the English Tudor court. Tim has studied, performed and tutored renaissance wind and brass for many years. He frequently gives early music demonstrations and leads performance workshops, and is experienced at combining different instruments and levels of experience into a cohesive ensemble. His aim is to provide players with the opportunity to enjoy the rich and varied sonorities of a renaissance Big Band.

Tim will welcome players of period wind instruments (plastic recorders are acceptable); period brass instruments; period strings (viols, renaissance and baroque violins, or continuo instruments); modern strings (violin family).

Pitch 440.

The venue is accessible by wheelchairs (website) There are very few parking places on site - please leave these for disabled participants and people with large and heavy instruments.

Downloadable details and application form with map. Further details from John A. Murdie, or telephone 01904 645964 after 6pm.